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Swimmer's Itch


Swimmers Itch is common in Michigan Lakes and really can not be prevented.  It is most common in early season swimming when the water first warms up.  It does not affect all people as the reaction is an allergic reaction to a worm larva.  There are really three methods to reduce the possibility of swimmers itch.

1.  Attempt to keep waterfowl from the swimming area and beach.  The worm that causes swimmers itch comes from the waterfowl feces and then matures in snails.  Bunny run attempts to deter waterfowl from walking up on the beach using a simple line of string at the waters edge.

2.  The number of worms can be reduced by treating the water with copper sulfate.  This will reduce the snail count and worm count.  We typically treat for this in mid-June when swimmers itch is at its worst if needed. 

3.  Swimmers can towell dry or shower after swimming to prevent the worms from attaching to the skin.

Click here to download a PDF that fully explains the history, source, cause, and preventative options about swimmers itch.


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