About Bunny Run Country Club

Bunny Run Country Club offers a variety of services for its members (residents living in the Bunny Run Subdivision are eligible to be members.  You must have the verbage "Bunny Run Country Club", or one of the "Annexes" listed on your property description to be eligible) including:

  • Summer access to a large private sandy beach on the east shore of Long Lake.
  • Private lake view picnic area complete a small playground for children, a volleyball court, a small basketball court, and horseshoe pits.
  • Long Lake boat stall rentals
  • Long Lake boat access
  • Ability to bring friends (who are not residents of the Bunny Run Subdivision) to the club.
  • Spacious club house access which offers air hockey, ping pong, and other games.
  • Inexpensive club house rental for meetings, family parties, receptions, and other events during the off season.
  • Special annual neighborhood club events such as the:
    - Easter Egg Hunt
    - Fourth of July Beach party
    - Halloween Party
    - Corn Roast
  • Ability to vote for club board members and to run for a board membership position.



10/3/2019 - General Membership 2019 Meeting Minutes
Financial report, Current membership, Member news, Club services, purchases, repairs, improvements, Weed control, Docks, beach, club grounds, Annex, Scholarship awards, Open discussion, Board nominations.
9/16/2019 - Board Member Election/Appointments 2019
This is to advise that only 5 members have accepted a nomination for the 5 open positions to a 3 year term on the board. A number of other club members who were nominated have declined to run. The 5 who have accepted their nomination would be running unopposed for 5 open seats. As such, the board has decided to forego the costs (mailing, forms & labor) of an election and appoint the following 5 candidates as trustees. Patrick Chevrier Thomas Clark Joe Connolly Laura Long Brenda Puzio The attached notice along with a ballot for anyone who wished to cast a ballot were posted at the club prior to closure for the 2019 season.
9/5/2019 - 2019/2020 Boat Storage


10/3/2019 - Oct. 2019 Newsletter
Election results, Halloween night, B.R.C.C scholarship recipients, Boat storage, Key holders, Security cameras, Equipment purchases and Improvement plans.
8/6/2019 - August Newsletter 2019
Newsletter articles include: 4th of July Games, General Membership Meeting, Board Member Election, Scholarship Program, Corn Roast Picnic, Halloween Night, Dragon on the Lake, Weed Control, B.R.C.C Apparel, Improvement & Projects, Volunteers
6/11/2019 - July 2019 Newsletter
Club & Lake Orion Events, Scholarship Program, Membership Drive, Clubhouse Rental, Weed Control, Projects, Summer Safety, Boat Dock Rental Volunteering & Community Service
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