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Long Term Stall Renters


March 7, 2021

The Board of Directors voted in February's 2021 monthly meeting the need to have an official end of terms and definitions that will define how long, who and what is a non-expiring dock. In the hopes that the docks may be better managed into rotation with the rest of the rotating docks and all BRCC members may have the opportunity to rent a boat stall.

And thus more information is needed.  The Board formed a committee of five board members, two members of which have been continuously renting the non-expiring docks, one member who is on rotation of a dock and two members who are not current boat stall renters. The purpose of the commitee is to find facts and options to proceed, to report out to the Board and make recommendations to the Board at the March 2021 Directors meeting. This may lead to a vote at a future meeting of the Board, but only after all questions are answered.and all facts are presented, and thus it will not be voted on this March 2021 meeting.

*If any member would like to voice their opinion/suggestions please write in the form on the Bunny Run Country Club website - suggestions tab. Please include your address and how long you have had a dock or have been interested in a dock. For it will be read and placed in our meeting notes -and/or you're welcome to attend in person the regular monthly Board of Directors meeting on March 15th at the club house at 7:30pm.

**The committee has not officially released their report or recommendations at this time.

Thank you



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